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The next leader in sustainable litter collection

Street Boss Litter Collection System

Street Boss tackles any multi-surface litter collection task with speed, efficiency and ease thanks to its’ range of essential cleansing tools. The versatile tool retention system helps to carry your choice of cleansing tools – with storage compartments for personal and professional items including all weather gear, refuse bags and even a thermal mug. Helping Hand Environmental has collated an all-purpose tools package for Street Boss which includes:

  • Lightweight plastic shovel for robust maintenance duties
  • Carbon steel cleansing hoe for those precise jobs – removing weeds, chewing gum and scraping
  • Ergonomic angle handled lobby dustpan and brush – key for day long comfort and reducing risk of repetitive strain injuries
  • Bio hazard bin to store and isolate needles for front line staff handling potentially hazardous situations quickly and easily
  • Professional litter hand tool for everyday litter collection – select the Litterpicker Pro, Streetmaster Pro or Ranger MAX
Tools  DSC_0034

The Street Boss system delivers real time value over current operating methods; providing a premium innovative solution for sustainable litter collection and reducing the time taken to clean zones.

“The systems’ unique tool storage facilities increase productivity allowing the operative to undertake a range of cleansing tasks and with optional Street Boss Tools package – a tool at hand for every application including a litterpicker of choice, bio hazard bin, cleansing hoe, long handle dustpan brush and plastic shovel”.


Nottingham City Council were instrumental in the initial design and research of the Street Boss, with their operatives trialing the units and providing valuable feedback. Once the Street Boss was launched, Nottingham City Council were the first customers to have their very own branded units, read more here Street Boss – Nottingham City Council

Nottingham Street Boss


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